IMG_6491IMG_6555IMG_6548IMG_6487IMG_6520IMG_6506IMG_6527Details: Urban Outfitters short ∙ Steve Madden sandals ∙ (g) Wristology watch

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking..

Ever since gracing the big screen, that infamous phrase continues to strongly encourage my search for the best alternative in the floral-print department. It’s amazing what a little browsing can do [for the buyer] and what a little fabric detail can accomplish overall. The pleating and color choices instantly caught my attention and when I noticed it connected as “shorts” I was sold, literally.

If gold couldn’t be any more perfect, let’s take a look at the minimalist timepiece on my wrist. Because I know you’re in love with it too, use my code bright20 at checkout to receive 20% off!

What I really wanted to tell you guys about was what I ended up wearing this outfit for! Last Saturday, my besties and myself enjoyed a lovely cruise around the island of Manhattan listening to a Springsteen cover band, “E-Street Shuffle.” Complete with warm weather, dancing on the water and drinks in hand, the evening was everything it advertised to be plus more. And yes like it did to me in-store, this skort got all kinds of attention from some retail-envious ladies. Shop similar below:

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