The Brunch Series: Turning Point


Happy Sunday & welcome to the first installment of To Be Bright’s newest Lifestyle contribution –

The Brunch Series.

Reason: Every weekend in NYC is scheduled around brunch, an attendance one could compare to the Sunday routine of attending church. You can consider brunch in New York its own religion, one of which is practiced on both Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Why: I’ve grown up in the area so this particular eating ritual isn’t foreign to me but as a permanent New Yorker now, I have endless amounts of places to try and tons of motivation to document the experience. I’m already taking pictures of my food already, might as well make it more useful with a universal post rather than, “I did it for the Insta.”

Goal: To inspire both New Yorkers and Out-Of-Towners looking for places to try without the commitment of taking a risk. I’ve been there, done that and leaving a place unsatisfied isn’t something I’d tolerate either if my time was limited in the area. Leave it to me to be the guinea pig, test it out and write the reviews. Then you decide if you trust my opinion.


Here’s where I contradict myself if I made it seem that I was only covering NYC – nah, New Jersey makes the cut too. I go home a lot during the summer, considering the beach is practically my backyard, and still participate in the art of “brunching.” So my first review is on one of my teenage and continuing favorites – The Turning Point.

Imagine you’re staying in a Nantucket cottage over the weekend and looking to have your brunch with a view. This particular Turning Point is located in Pier Village and when the weather behaves, your experience goes up 10 points. Sitting outside with the salty breeze gently cooling you down as you gaze at the true blue across the way. Of course, sitting inside is just as pleasurable and full of interior personal charm.


Food: INCREDIBLE, DETAILED, DELISH. My two favorite dishes on the menu are the Huevos Rancheros (above) or the Grand French Toast. I find there’s always something for everyone’s appetite on the menu.

Atmosphere: FAMILY-FRIENDLY, LIGHT & AIRY, HAPPY STAFF. I’ve never had an issue with ordering or have dealt with negative Nancy or Nick as a waitress/er. Even at 7am they’re happy or faking it like an overworked Broadway performer.

Pro: NYC LOCAL. They have a location in Hoboken!

Con: NO LIQUOR LICENSE. So don’t get your hopes up on having a mimosa, bellini, bloody mary, sangria or spritzer. We all know how popular boozy brunches are so better you find out this way rather than suffering the disappointment upon arrival.