Training Days

IMG_6950IMG_6966IMG_6923IMG_6981Details: (g) Devon Maryn pants ∙ (g) Lulu’s sneaks

I’ve always considered myself an “active” individual and when you begin a sport at age five, working out becomes a routine of second nature. However I have to admit once I stopped (horseback) riding/competing, I discovered the beauty of sleeping in and “me-time.” Although great in typed words, it made me uber lazy and what once held muscle became “soft” and pathetic. #Yikes

So when I moved to the city I made it my goal to step up my fitness routine once again, mentally telling myself of the clean slate I needed to work towards and reminding my brain how great I feel afterwards. Another motivation? Making sure my workout attire is on fleek. Ranging from anything with teal/turquoise color detail – like these badass pants – or a crazy marble print, it’s safe to say I’ll have something for each day of the week soon enough.

Even though I have fresh custom Nikes made for running on the way, these trainers are great for ab reps and moderate lifting. Plus, I can change into something more everyday and still wear these kicks in a stylish manner. Gah I love that athleisure is a thing now. Shop similar below:

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