Fake News | Leather & Loafers

Imitation Leather Leggings: Commando | Suede Mule Loafers: Marmi Shoes


Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact fall in the Northeast. Although I won’t be quick to wear these faux leather leggings anytime during this record high 90 degree week, I do want to highlight how much I adore this particular pair from Commando.

Finding leather leggings that give you the perfect amount of stretch can be tough – for the longest time I only wore a pair of old H&M faux leather front pants because of the stretchy fabric that made up the back of the pair, allowing me to bend down without restriction. However with time, I needed a new replacement that provided me with a skinny leg and enough stretchy flexibility to move around comfortably. This pair from Commando allowed for exactly that and I couldn’t be happier with the fit and function.

Speaking of faux investments, here’s a suede horse bit loafer that won’t break your bank and looks almost identical to the real deal! I fell in love with these suede beauties from Marmi Shoes and adore how great they look with my everyday attire – from jeans to faux leather pants! If you’re looking for a great dupe to incorporate into your fall attire, I highly suggest this pair right here!