How I Make Money As An Influencer

One of the biggest risks I took when I decided to quit my job, go full-time with my blog, and begin working as my own boss was forfeiting my guaranteed salary. The challenge this poses is that the monthly income of my blog is unpredictable. Some months are busier than others, which is reflected in the amount of projects and collaborations I get to participate in. When work is slow, so is the money.

Without this set amount of monthly income to rely on, I had to find more ways to supplement my pending bills and rent. Here are a few ways I’ve been able to make money and maintain my position as a full-time influencer:


90% of my posted content is sponsored by the brand of the product(s) I’m either wearing or using in the photo(s). This means a given brand pays me to review something of theirs & write about it on my blog/share it on my social media accounts. The products featured range from tangible items such as clothing, accessories, and beauty products to a blend of tangible & intangible experiences such as lifestyle subscription boxes, event attendances, and travel opportunities to name a few.


A great way I make passive income is by embedding commission-based clickable links within my content, directing my readers to the item featured in order for he/she to purchase online. This allows me to share where I got the item(s) I’m mentioning while allowing me to make some money if someone decides to purchase through the access of my link(s). I can do this both within my blog posts and my Instagram posts using the affiliate platform rewardStyle.

Blog Posts >> If you look closely at the URL bar above after clicking on a link, you’ll notice a change in HTML that indicates my personal commission code before landing on the direct product. Try it for yourself by clicking this similar dress & watching the URL bar above for a quick peep of a code looking like

Instagram Posts >> Any caption that includes an HTML link appearing as a variation of means that the post is linked with shoppable items through the sub-platform of rewardStyle – You can read all about how to use it here.


I’ve been the assistant to Helena Glazer of Brooklyn Blonde since last October – in fact, she’s the reason I was able to confidently quit my 9-5 and pursue going full-time! She’s someone I’ve followed for a while and when I saw her IG Stories mentioning that she was looking to hire a part-time assistant, I jumped at the opportunity with lightning speed by sending her my resume and cover letter. After a few weeks of interviews, she hand-selected me to join her team! I couldn’t be more appreciative and lucky to be able to work for her – she’s an incredible person and I’m learning so much from her every day.

The best part is that I didn’t have to give up my blog in order to work for her; in fact, I pitched to her that I would save her valuable time as I’m already familiar with the responsibilities that would be asked of me and the importance of each. In a few weeks we’ll be celebrating one year of working together! Time has flown by and it’s been an absolute blast working for her so far.


In May, I spoke at TedX about the importance of putting your passion online.

As a result, I created The Bright Guide – an e-course unlike ANY other that serves as a step-by-step guide to starting a blog/website & growing it as a personal brand & business. I found that providing the tried & true information I personally found success with through a digital platform excites anyone eager to start something of their own – especially because it would be easier to begin and show results in growth faster than it would going about it without the help of someone who’s been there, done that, and made it work!

When it comes to describing how helpful this e-course is to someone looking to start something of his/her own, I like to use this analogy >> Similar to someone expecting their first baby, one might prepare for the arrival through reading endless books on the subject. You can load yourself with knowledge but nothing will prepare you for what you will face when the baby actually arrives and you’re in the moment, seeing it all for what it really is.

There are plenty of articles online that teach you how to start a website & grow your personal brand. But ultimately, none of those articles will be able to visually show you how to implement the steps like someone sitting down & showing you how at the computer in real-time. My e-course acts as that “person right there with you” by providing visual, instructive videos for each of the steps from start to finish just as a teacher would!

Interested? Click here to learn more.


I also work as a freelance writer & social media consultant for small businesses and individuals looking for additional, remote support. These jobs range from writing blog post articles to assisting in the growth and development of one’s social media presence through one-on-one strategy sessions.

Ps, I also created a Social Media Guide for Instagram that’s available for immediate download following purchase.

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