How To Wear Biker Shorts 2.0 (Postpartum Edition)

One of the last blog posts I shared in 2022 was two ways to wear biker shorts; what better way to enter my comeback era as a postpartum mama navigating the same outfit-scenario! Although I could definitely use a tan this time around – the lighting in some these photos were kind to help me look more sunkissed than I am. As for photos 1 & 5, apologies if my stems have temporarily blinded you. Reminder to reapply my Tan-Luxe Gradual lotion ASAP.

When I got pregnant with the twins, everything changed so quickly and drastically within a matter of days it seemed (I had a visible bump by 10 weeks.) My mental health took a major toll as my body morphed into something I couldn’t catch up with nor had control over. Styling outfits, let alone finding anything that fit me properly without resorting to fugly maternity, became something I really dreaded – for the first time in 9 years. It was not a great season of life for me, personally. So to be able to come back one year later & picking up right where I left off (literally) feels like the biggest personal accomplishment.

Although I’m beginning to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothing, navigating how to dress my new body from the waist down has been a unique challenge this time of year. I’ve had to size up in most of my jeans/pants/shorts, which I don’t mind all too much. It’s made me more humble recognizing that it will take a lot of hard work to get back into size 27’s & this feels motivating in a way. Luckily, most of my athletic bottoms have been forgiving in their original fit and have allowed for comfortable wear despite the extra stretch it takes for me to put them on at first.

Understanding how much a go-to my workout leggings & now biker shorts have become for me in this postpartum era, implementing them into versions of sporty-casual attire has been my recent project. Of course, this means I’m reaching for something that fits more on the oversized above the waist more often than not.

Balancing remains true here, but it also allows for the guarantee that my current insecurity (squished under & over the waistband of my shorts) is hidden from public display. Trust me, I’m SO PROUD of what my body was able to do & provide for the beautiful healthy girls I delivered. Yet, I’m human and going to have moments where I’m not *thrilled* with the empty, stretched out cavity that has become my torso.

So in this circumstance: opting for a crisp, oversized button-down feels absolutely right – mine is from Abercrombie and one of my most-worn items pre & post-pregnancy. I love how lightweight it is for the summer and the length hits just right. You can easily mimic this same balance with an oversized sweater with a light thread count too.

Instead of black biker shorts which everyone has, I decided on going for a fun color this time around. It’s a muted, sage green but I was very close to wearing a hot pink pair – maybe next time. I find that with a neutral top, your flexibility with color on the bottom should be considered. And this is a suggestion coming from someone who loves beige-everything!

As for kicks – I’m a sneaker gal so naturally, I reach for the latest style that is also in its redemption era. New Balance baby! But you can totally opt for slides or a flat espadrille should you so desire.

The trick I’ve found with biker shorts is that the longer, more mid-length = the better. I’d say 7″ seems to be the sweet spot. You just have more options when there’s a bit more fabric, especially if you wear them as an outfit outside of working out. There’s a stronger level of acceptability & appropriateness that comes with something not considered a hottie-hot short.