Summer Jeans With 3 Layer Options

Madewell Jeans | Similar Halter Tank | Similar Slingbacks | YSL Belt

Wearing the right jacket or something with sleeves can be a tricky thing in the early summer season. You don’t want something deemed “too heavy” yet you’re more comfortable having the option of something to wear over your shoulders than foregoing the layer. I personally find myself chilly in the mornings and evenings, especially when I recall those walks to the office back in my NYC working girl days. So I can appreciate the right “weight” when it comes to a sleeved, summer layer.

Over the years, my wardrobe has held onto certain light jackets that have served me super well – from work, to date night, to wedding occasions. They’ve been the perfect piece to complete an outfit for such a spectrum of occasions. So if you’re in the market for a transitional layer that can give you comfort (physically and figuratively) when you bare your shoulders here & there this summer, consider these 3 jacket/layer options.

*Side note: please disregard the hilarity of my belt placement below the button – yikes lol. Not intentional, just didn’t notice*


Ok it’s not a “jacket”, but it’s something with sleeves that serves the same purpose as one. I’ve found shrugs (also called ‘bolero cardigans’) such as this one to be fantastic options for everyday or when you’re in a chilly office environment. It’s not your typical sweater, but isn’t so out of the box in terms of style. It simply acts like a pashmina, but with sleeves.


When I say I’ve had this particular duster coat for years, think Circa 2016. I remember buying it for my first job in NYC and it certainly made me feel so posh whenever I wore it to meetings or out on dates after work. It’s the one and only thing from Forever 21 that’s stood the test of time. There’s something about the lapels and structure of it that has kept it hanging in my wardrobe, as well as the color. It goes with just about everything.


This cute cropped jacket has tons of range – from casual outfits like this to my go-to layer for spring/summer weddings. Again, it’s the color that has made it a staple piece for me during this time of year. I love its look and functionality, “heavier” in material than the other two layers but not so much that it’s unsuitable for a summer season of wear. No matter what it’s paired with, it always ends up serving me well.