I Tried These New Beauty Products Out & Here Are My Thoughts..

Winter Skincare Routine, Dry Sensitive Skincare, Tilden of To Be Bright

I don’t know about you guys but my skin has been doing all sorts of weird things with this change of weather. For me, it’s a natural occurrence with each seasonal transition but for some reason I feel like it’s way more aggressive this year (compared to others I can remember.) My eczema & the dryness surrounding it are out of control! Not sure if it’s because I’m still getting into a routine here since moving & my skin is now revealing the after-effects of stress that’s come & gone, or if its something in the water here that’s doing something whacky to my complexion. In short, times are tough here in the facial department; which has led me to seek new alternatives to my skincare routine in the recent month.

Out of all the things I’ve tried in the last 29 days, here are the products I found worthy enough to share with you guys. Although I put a lot more product to work than just the featured ones below, I didn’t find it useful to include them here unless I truly thought they needed to be outed (i.e. If they destroyed my face – luckily that didn’t happen!) It’s just that some products worked better on my skin than others and I’m sure if I were to try them again at a different time, my skin would react differently. But for right now, here are the new (to me) products I’ve been using to combat my angry, sensitive, dry, eczema-raging skin.

Riversol Anti-Aging Trio, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Winter Skincare Routine, Dry Sensitive Skincare, Tilden of To Be Bright


Riversol Anti-Aging Trio | In all honesty, I’ve never heard of this brand before & I was skeptical to try it out (as most of us with angry skin would be.) But after an hour of research & failing to find something to calm my skin down post-shower, I figured I should at least give the moisturizer a try first. Not only did my skin have a positive reaction to it, but it also gave me the courage to incorporate the cleanser & serum along with it the next time around. What I love about this particular trio is that all three work to combat my “very dry skin” – which is the type of kit I purposely requested out of the 4 options – and the formulas are designed for sensitive skin while remaining hypoallergenic & vegan. Since using this trio, I’ve noticed my eczema redness fade within minutes of application & my skin’s tone appearing more balanced than before.

It also doesn’t make the patches of eczema burn, which happens 99% of the time when applying almost any kind of moisturizer directly to those areas by default (even Aveeno & Cera-V burn sometimes). So because of that, I’ll definitely continue use for the next month or two.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Duo + Facial Oil | I swear by the ELEMIS brand & although it isn’t new to me by name, this particular line is. Another anti-aging formula, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream line tends to concerns of dryness & dehydration while working to promote a younger looking complexion. After my first time using it, my skin felt unbelievably baby soft to the touch & looked all-around healthier than it did in weeks. The reason for this quick turnaround has to do with its marine extract of an ingredient that increases hydration up to 45%. This nourishing ingredient is also responsible for reducing wrinkle depth by up to 78%, which is great for dry skin sufferers in the long run. In the mornings, I apply the Day Cream along with 2-3 small drops of the Marine Facial Oil. At night, I apply the Oxygenating Night Cream & get a bit more generous with the oil as a finishing layer, so it can really soak into my skin as I sleep. *For the record, I swap using this trio every other day in routine with the Riversol trio, which have worked very well together; no irritation or reactions so far when alternating between the two brands – that’s when you know the ingredients are natural for both.

BTW >> ELEMIS is celebrating Cyber Week already; use code CYBER19 for 30% off the entire site! You can get the Day & Night Duo right now as a Holiday Gift Set (while supplies last!) Other favorites of mine are the Superfood Facial Oil (so so good), the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads (great for applying toner), & the Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial (another fab night mask.)

Rose Quartz Contouring Facial Roller, Michael Todd Beauty SonicERASER Pro, Winter Skincare Routine, Dry Sensitive Skincare, Tilden of To Be Bright

Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller | I’m shocked I haven’t owned one of these until now, considering how effective these have been proven to be when it comes to reducing puffiness & helping with dark under-eye circles. Since getting it in the mail, I haven’t missed a day or night using it. What I love about this one is that it vibrates for an increase in circulation, making it work faster & more effectively with each use. It also comes with two attachable roller heads, one specifically designed for the under-eye bags. Best to use this immediately after applying your day/night creams.

Tip: I actually keep both of the attachments in the fridge to keep them super cold, which helps to improve the performance of each.

Michael Todd SonicERASER Pro | As my skin’s gotten more finicky, I’ve become more aware of how important it is for me to start incorporating all types of anti-aging products into my routine. This means using actual devices/tools that are specifically designed to amplify your anti-aging topical serums & moisturizers. Before I got the rose quartz roller, I was using the SonicERASER Pro every day to help penetrate one of the skincare trios mentioned above into my skin after applying. Its clinically proven to be 7 times more effective than when applying with fingers alone to reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, skin hydration, tone, brightness, & other forms of visible aging. Now I use it every other day, along with the roller, when I really need an extra boost of skincare penetration.

How to use: Apply your routine of serums & moisturizers, pick up the SonicERASER Pro and gently stroke it around your face in an upwards motion. Once it touches your skin, it begins to vibrate and warm up to 107°F, which helps stimulate and open up your pores for max absorption. It doesn’t shock or burn the skin at all; in fact, it feels like an at-home facial treatment & makes my skin look radiant immediately following. I’ve shared how I use it on my IG Stories as well if you’d like to see for yourself – check out the “Skincare” IG Highlight.

Let me know if you have any questions or end up trying out any of these products yourself!