My Favorite [Online] Quarantine Purchases

Holy moly, today marks two official months of Quarantine for me personally.

Exactly one month ago today, I recapped what I’ve done to keep busy during the first 30 days of this new normal. Although I’m keeping up all of those habits still (quite proud of that TBH), I’ve also picked up a new one that may or may not be the most productive use of my time (& wallet) – online shopping.

I mean, it’s only fair I’ve succumbed to buying things online. With very little to look forward to these days, a package delivery is the closest thing to having a visitor stop by. Plus, I’ve been very good at convincing myself that these things I’m buying will meet one or more of the following criteria to be deemed a justifiable purchase; 1) it’ll support a small business, 2) it’ll be a useful addition to the home or lifestyle currently being held, and 3) it’ll spark joy in an otherwise very unpredictable, uninspiring time.

So here’s what I’ve added to my digital shopping carts in the last 60 days!


Tie-Dye Sets from Brown Dyed Girl, Tyed, & Reign Boutique – Can’t get enough tie-dye & I’m so glad it’s not disappearing anytime soon. Some of my favorites are from these small businesses that I’ve been so fortunate to find (& support) during this time

Champion Men’s Crew Socks – Honestly wear these every single day; glad I got the 6-pack

RicherPoorer Lady Boxers – IDK about you guys but I get very hot at night and end up stripping down to nothing to accommodate my body temp; these lady boxers have since eliminated such unconscious nudity and are super cute to wear around the house in general


AfterShokz Open-Ear Headphones – Fantastic for running, especially when outside because you can still hear your surroundings (aka a car coming up behind you at full speed.) These headphones are better for your hearing overall as they sit comfortably OUTSIDE the ear while still providing you with incredible sound. With so many different-sized ears out there, this pair truly defines the concept of “one size fits all.”

ALALA Leggings – I’ve honestly never worn such premium quality activewear; the colors are basic & neutral but the fit is unbelievable. Not to mention, I’ve never loved a pair of running shorts EVER until the Court Short (got it in both black & white, prob gonna order more just to have back-ups.) PS, you can use my code TildenUP20 for 20% off your entire order AND it works for every order you place (not just once like most discount promos)

FlipBelt – Okay this is literally a game changer if you’ve struggled to find a way to comfortably carry your phone, keys, wallet, etc. while running (like moi); this fits my enormous iPhone Max & everything else so comfortably & securely around my waist

Bombas Ankle & No-Show Socks – When I’m not wearing lounge socks, these are my every other occasion socks; fantastic for running as well as for those low-top sneakers

Adjustable Aerobic Step Bench – Since turning my living room into a temporary gym, I’ve realized how handy it has been to have this step to get a more effective burn; a lot of benches like these sold out quick but this one is somehow still in-stock (surprisingly!) BTW – got a complete list of some amazing at-home workouts if you’re interested in trying something new

Lightweight Running Pullover – Love it so much I got it in two colors (black & pale peach); sized up to medium (I’m 5’6″ for reference)

Kettle Bell – I didn’t want to get a whole set of various dumbbells (that have zero places to be stored in this apartment anyway), so I figured a 15 lb kettle bell will be a more effective way to add weight to my routine instead

Foam Roller – Between Thomas & I, this thing gets used A LOT; we got the 24″ size


Impress Manicure Press-On Nails – Picked these up at a drug store not expecting much & holy cow they’ve actually IMPRESSED me (get it lol but seriously); super easy to apply, firm-feeling AND they survive in the shower, I know…what a find! Plus, I was so excited to find them available on Amazon & already ordered a few more colors. Mine stayed on for 5 days (wow!) and prob could’ve been longer if I didn’t get anxious & peel them off out of boredom

Facial Spa Headbands – These come in a pack of 3; love using them to apply my skincare every morning/night

Blue Light Glasses – Ok, I know this isn’t technically a beauty-related product but preserving your eyesight (by avoiding unnecessary strain where you can help it) is something that should count towards your overall well-being. To be honest, I didn’t think much of these when everyone around me was hyping up the idea of blue light glasses but I figured why not try them out & see for myself. I was delightfully surprised to find my eyes no longer burned the way they usually do at the end of the day, which is clearly saying something. Plus, this particular frame is super cute so it’s a win-win

If you’re on the hunt for new skincare, then be sure to check out these 20 Beauty Products I’m So Glad I Tried (During Quarantine)


Mapiful Custom Framed City Map – I came across this brand being discussed in a FB group I follow & I’m so happy curiosity got the best of me to check it out. We’ve been looking for new wall art for our living room that was personal to the both of us without being overly feminine (lol.) So when I saw these awesome custom maps, I couldn’t think of a better representation to proudly display above our couch. We ended up getting two maps: one for our shared childhood hometown (Rumson) & the second of the city where we shared our first home together (Hoboken)

Gray Malin Double-Sided Puzzle – If you’re looking for a puzzle that’s not only beautiful once completed but challenging to do so, then here it is! Plus, you get a 2-in-1 puzzle deal with this one

Personalized Stationary from Curio Press – As someone who LOVES stationary and finds any excuse to write down several to-do lists daily, you can imagine my delight when coming across this adorable Etsy shop (shoutout to Helena of Brooklyn Blonde for bringing it to my attention.) The Personalized Daily Plan Notepad is probably my favorite of the three I initially purchased; probably going to have to order another 2-3 as backups since I use it literally every single day

The Weathered Barn Reed Diffusers – Literally the equivalent of a Nest diffuser but at a fraction of the price! We discovered this adorable shop last year during our trip to Greenport, NY so if you make a purchase, you’ll be supporting a small business! Our favorite scents are Hyacinth, Mandarin Bamboo, & Lavender

‘Do You Know Me’ Adult Party Game – Saw this featured on The Today Show & immediately ordered it; Thomas and I managed to play a hybrid 2-person game but I can see it being super fun (& revealing) to play with the whole family

Acrylic Computer Monitor Adjustable Riser Stand – Sitting at your desk every day for 2 months & counting can really wreck havoc on your neck and posture, from what I’ve experienced myself. I found these riser stands that lift my laptop and desktop, ultimately helping to alleviate the downward glancing (& resulting neck pain)


Caraway Home Cookware – These are the only pots & pans we’ll ever use now and forever more! Unbelievable quality with a nonstick coating that’s sourced ethically (unlike most that are made with some really toxic chemicals, in case you didn’t know.) You can use your metal kitchen tools/utensils without fear of scratching the coating & TBH they just look simply beautiful to display in the kitchen. I got a set for my Mom as a Mother’s Day present and she’s SO in love with them. Shipping is a little delayed these days (thanks COVID..) but you can surprise a family member (or treat yourself) with a special delivery of amazing cookware by using my code BRIGHT for $25 off your order (through 5/19/20)

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Such a great addition to our morning routine; yields several cups, size-friendly for the fridge, and stays fresh for up to 2 weeks!

Meat Thermometer – You don’t realize how nifty these are to have in your kitchen until you cook the perfect chicken dish & cheeseburger of your life; this one is ultra fast, easy to read with a printed guide for each ideal temp of meat, and is also waterproof!

Broiler Pan + Grid – We started cooking steak in our oven & realized we didn’t have one of these to effectively broil our dinner; we’ve found it useful for bacon strips too