Naturally Pure || Aeveka

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I don’t consider myself talented in the art of makeup and quite honestly, the whole beauty realm of fashion is so foreign to me that I feel like an idiot when I try to talk “educated” about it. I’m probably the least qualified of individuals to understand what color eye shadow contrasts aesthetically against my skin tone. However when it comes to knowing what works for me and what feels right on my skin, I feel very much at ease posting about it.

Skin Type: Dry | Particular Issue: Under the skin acne | Product Preference: Organic

As someone with naturally dry skin that feels like the Sahara Desert immediately post-shower, finding a product that’s as sensitive as my face can be like finding Mr. Right – it can take years.. I’ve tried so many different products over time that swear by their labels, yet I still wake up with the mountains on my cheeks and chin just waiting to erupt. What I have come to recognize is that the more natural and organic the product was, the happier my skin felt – trust me, I could tell in the mirror each morning.

I’ve found my go-to brand and I’m very happy with it. However like shampoo and conditioning routines, it’s smart to change it up every so often. Luckily, I was presented with these AMAZING samples from a skin care brand MOST DEFINITELY checking out if you’re the organic-preference type – Aeveka.


Inside my bitty Chinese take-out inspired box are these pod-sized samples of uber natural goodness. You can tell each one is organic by not only reading the ingredients but also smelling the physical product. When the scent of cucumber hits your nose like it would if you just chopped one up for a salad, you know that’s legit. What’s even better? I woke up with a clear face every morning after I used it the night before. And every day after work, my face remained happy all throughout the hours after use. Now that’s satisfaction.

Aeveka is described as an “organic, made in the USA, all-natural, vegan, non-animal tested, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, non-GMO, paraben-free, sulfates-free, formaldehyde-free” skincare line. In short, half of the products you can typically buy in a pharmacy might have some, most, or all of those indiscretions between the lines of their ingredients. Not gonna lie, reading that whole list made me seriously go through and toss a lot of my old products I held onto just in case.

After the loss of her dear friend to cancer, Aeveka founder Ilona Landver became dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle but not only monitoring what went into her body but also what she put on her skin. Landver describes skin pores as “little mouths” hungry for well-balanced nutrition. Thus, Aeveka was created to be the food for your skin you never knew you needed until now.

Check out Aeveka’s collection of naturally pure products that you won’t be able to live without once you try! I couldn’t be happier and more confident knowing I’ll wake up each morning with the same, acne-free and healthy looking face I fell asleep with :]