Tasteful Gift Ideas For Your Best Girlfriends

‘Tis the season for Secret Santa, White Elephant, general gift giving, etc. When it comes to present ideas for your best girls, many of us want to gift something reflective of each lady’s personality. That being said, you should want to stick to giving each something from the same department, in terms of price & quality.

Personally, my inner circle is on the larger side and I’m very blessed to be surrounded & supported by such incredible women. But naturally, this makes getting individual gifts a little harder if I’m trying to stick to the same price & quality scale for each item I gift. So I like to stick to one theme/brand to give all my girls, with a personalized touch to make each gift unique to the lady it’s for.

Here’s a roundup of 7 tasteful gift ideas that would make your inner circle of babes very delighted to receive this holiday:

Mini Initial Ring

Who doesn’t love personalized jewelry!? I happen to love receiving pieces with my initial on them because it instills a feeling like it was made for me (even though it wasn’t haha.) When I came across these initial rings from AUrate, I thought to myself what a great gift idea right from the start. They’re minimalist, made of premium 14k quality, & come in three color finishes. I have mine in yellow gold, stacked with my two other rings from AUrate that I never take off. The design & style is timeless and works for any kind of ring party I have going on, although I rarely change mine up. Once I find something I love, I wear it indefinitely (speaking just about rings.)

Personalized Sunglass Case

I honestly love this idea, because we all wear sunnies & could use a cuter case for them instead of the ones they come in (so boring, brown & black blaaah.) Having each of your girlfriends initials on them with a select color that best represents them, what a great gift!

Monogrammed Dual Travel Organizer

Okkk this is something I think I need for myself. Correction: I definitely need for myself. Two separate compartments combine both your jewelry & makeup in one pouch! Add a monogram, and it’s simply brilliant. Honestly think everyone needs to gift themselves one of these pronto – it’s up to 25% off right now too!

Cashmere Loungewear

Because these are your best girlfriends, they deserve some luxury to relax in. You also know what size they are because you’re best friends, duh. So there’s no hesitation to really concern yourself with when gifting a piece of clothing, just stick to neutral colors. Besides, whoever doesn’t like cashmere is seriously disturbed (name that movie.) Also, this particular brand I’ve personally worn/owned & it’s very reputable for the price point, as it’s more affordable than most cashmere out there!

Luxury Candle + Wick Trimmer & Matches

There’s nothing nicer than a beautifully smelling candle, especially one that actually fills the room when lit (you know what big candle brand I’m passively talking about…) I truly truly stand by Nest Fragrances because their candles are unbelievably impressive, but they also come with a pricier tag. So if you’re looking for a close second candle recommendation, I suggest these specific scents you can get from ABC Home – Tatine Garden & Forest Infusion “Pine” if you’re looking for a pleasant, Christmasy scent, Linnea’s Lights “Moss & Lichen” for a cedar-meets-sandalwood vibe, & also “Fjord” from the Linnea’s Lights collection (smells like the Jo Malone Wood Sage + Sea Salt perfume.)

You can step this gift up by including a cute wick trimmer & matches, which I found available as a kit here.

Cute (Custom) Doormat

Another clever idea for the home that your girlfriend will totally enjoy. I love the ‘Remindoormats‘ from the OG door mat queen, Be There In Five. You could also customize this gift via sellers on Etsy. Just because it’s a door mat doesn’t  necessarily means it belongs at the front door; they’re great in the bathroom & in the kitchen too!

Personalized S’well Bottle

Everyone & their mother owns some sort of stainless steel water bottle these days, so this is pretty much a foolproof gift idea. S’well remains to be the #1 brand for these types of bottles, which makes the option to get one personalized really great! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been places where someone else had the exact same bottle as I did (color/size.) Adding a personal touch of initials/name can help to remove any confusion of who’s bottle is who’s (as well as protect it from thieves!)

Thank you Nakturnal for teaming up with me on this post!