Starting The BBG Program Again + My Year-End Fitness Goal For December


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a fitness-related post & the reason for it is because I’ve been a bit on a hiatus with my routine, since preparing for my move & getting settled in our new hood. But if I’m being honest with myself, a lot of it has to do with my mindset & the fact I’ve been convincing myself that I’m “too busy” to squeeze in a workout. NICE TRY, BRIGHTON. Luckily, I’ve accepted the truth behind the excuses I’m telling myself & now on the journey of getting back into a routine that I will learn to love again.

Right off the bat, I know I need to make the mornings work to my advantage with fitness. My days get too busy (in all seriousness) and things can come up without notice, so getting a workout done in the morning before the chaos is the only way I can do it. Although I love my 306090 classes, getting into the city to take them isn’t easy for me right now, as I’m still settling into a life routine here. Down the road, I plan to make the journey once a week to a morning class, but that won’t be until I’m more settled. So in the meantime, I decided to start back up with BBG (Bikini Body Guide) which I’ve talked about & shared last year in April 2018. And yes, I made sure to read this post again for myself & get re-inspired by what has motivated me in the past.

What I love about BBG is the fact I can get a really strong workout done in 28 minutes. For me, having a timed-out routine works best for me mentally because I can rationalize taking the time to do it & be dedicated throughout (& not thinking about rushing through it.) By the end, I usually feel so great that I’ll spend another 15 min on the treadmill willingly. I’m only 1.5 weeks in right now, but I’m noticing my attitude changing for the better as a result. Getting up in the morning is still a pain but once I’m up & out of bed for just one minute, I get eager to go to the gym. The best part is that our building’s fitness center is open 24 hours so I can go anytime I want, even at 4:15am (done that once or twice already..) but having the gym to myself is glorious.

My year-end goal for myself is a simple one: to maintain my MWF BBG Routine throughout the month of December. I’d expect by the start of the new year that the results of my routine will begin to show, mentally & physically, which will encourage me to continue forward with it. By then, I’ll probably step it up in terms of challenging myself but I can’t push anything now as I’m getting started – that’s the sure fire way to deter myself from any motivation. From what I’ve learned about myself over the years, baby steps go a long way when it comes to fitness. I just gotta keep ‘swimming like Dory.

Stay tuned for an update by the end of December – I plan to be open about my progress, whether it’s positive or negative. This is my way of making myself accountable here ๐Ÿ˜€