The Coffee Diaries | $50 Starbucks Giveaway


Jet lag woke me up at sunrise (aka 4 AM) today and rather than going stir crazy in my room, I figured a productive venture to Starbucks would be worthwhile. Obviously, it got me inspired to blog about it so here goes..

Coffee + me + any time of day = what heaven must be like. It’s sad the amount of caffeine my body consumes on a daily basis doesn’t affect me in the way I wish it did — I can thank ADD for that one — but I’m one of those weird humans that craves the taste of coffee over its chemical reaction.

If drinking coffee could be a part-time profession, I’d be the sommelier of Starbucks. I’ve tried every special, seasonal and collaborative version of the latte, mocha and frappuccino for the past four years (#college) but there’s only two types I order today: 1) Grande Peppermint Mocha — for when I want to feel warm and fuzzy inside, primarily preferred in the mornings and ordered all year round and; 2) Grande Mocha Frap — because summer afternoons call for it.

Yes, you CAN order a peppermint shot for your drink in the summer. They hype it up all December long and act like it magically disappears but it doesn’t. All you have to do is order like an underage kid at a bar with all the confidence in the world (Note: 99% of the time bars will card & catch you but in this case, you’re safe.)

Another fun fact: My Starbucks alter ego is “Taylor.” Why? Because my biggest pet peeve is the misspelling & mispronunciation of my name — too much bullying in middle school — and rather than getting worked up, I eliminate the stress with a name much easier for baristas to understand the first time.

Now for the important part — the giveaway.  As fantastic as it is, Starbucks is an expensive beverage to invest in on a daily basis especially if you’re an addict like myself. Which is why this $50 Starbucks gift card can satisfy all your coffee cravings for a good amount of time!

Enter via the Rafflecopter below; winner will be contacted Mon, June 30. Good Luck!

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