Top [3] Favorite Workout Classes In NYC

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With so many workout classes available to try in this city, I’ve found the Class Pass app to be the most beneficial fitness tool to use when it comes to maintaining my weekly workout schedule. I’m free to experience a diversity of workout classes to try throughout Manhattan, without having to assign myself to a single gym membership I’m not 100% sold on or feel that I would benefit from in the long run.

For $25/month, I can take an endless assortment of classes at a variety of studios, based on what type of workout I want and which classes are offered at the times I’m available to take them. Based on my preferences and my personal experience, I’ve found myself most excited for these [3] workout classes & I I think you might like them as well!


This class is on the more forgiving side when it comes to a total body workout, although you’ll definitely feel it in your legs following the hour workout. TrampoLEAN is focused on moving your body more with less strain on your joints due to training on a low-impact surface (aka a mini trampoline!) You’ll be bouncing for a solid hour led by one of trampoLEAN’s experienced instructors, directing you in a series of kicks and punches that both contract and relax your muscles with every bounce.

For more information, check out the site here.


Offered in NYC and NJ, Chaise Fitness is the first class I ever took on Class Pass and it remains to be my absolute FAVORITE! This type of workout is a blend of Pilates, Ballet, and strength training equipped with a specialized chair and overhead bungees so that you work out all your muscles every time. I’m obsessed with the Chaise Cardio class that is advertised to be the toughest workout they offer.

Ps, my favorite class time is the 7pm with Regan at ChaiseFitness Fidi – she’s the best!

Warning: This class will leave you incredibly sore the first time around; like can’t walk down the stairs in a straight line SORE AF! But I promise it’s SO WORTH IT! I feel like a million bucks once it’s over and feel like I get the best use of my hour working out every muscle of my body, from arms & legs to abs & glutes.

For more information about the types of classes offered, click here.


Out of the [3] classes here, this one is for sure the toughest one for me! Naturally, I feel incredible afterward but Switch Playground is one of those high intensity, total-body workout classes that 100% kicks your ass. An instructor leads the class with a team of highly skilled trainers through a labyrinth of Playground activities. A live DJ fuels the energy, coupled with lighting and special effects.

For one solid hour and at a non-stop pace, you and a partner (I recommend signing up with a buddy you want to do the workout with) complete a series of 20 workouts for two minutes each, before switching to the next workout. Each workout station targets an area (arms, legs, abs, etc.) so upon completion, you’ve worked out every area of your body equally.

For more information, check out the site here.