Waking Up In Paris

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Since moving to the city, I’ve taken a much greater concern into the care and keeping of my skin. Every day after work or when I spend an extended amount of time running around Manhattan, the grime and pollution invisible to the human eye feels like it’s come back home with me. I’m having a hard enough time getting the air in my apartment to soak up any H2O from the humidifier – so not only am I feeling grimy but my skin has taken a SERIOUS turn for the worse in the dehydrated department. And guess where it’s showing damage..MY DANG FACE! Of all places, this is the one area I strive to keep in ship shape unless I plan to wear last December’s ski mask..

Even though spring is right around the corner – contrary to popular belief – the air will still feel grimy outside and dry inside my apartment despite the masking of humidity. In order to heal my skin now and protect it for later exposure, I’ve scheduled time for myself to take a mini vacation from NYC with a trip to a Parisian spa!

…Belated April Fools – I don’t have time for spontaneous trips like that. I do however have time to take 15-20 minutes for myself to condition my skin and feel like a million bucks. Using spa treatment products and a few skincare lotions from the City of Love, my face has never felt so hydrated, moisturized and fancy! The best part, I did all of this from the comfort of my bed.

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We’re all familiar with clay masks and I have to admit, they’re fun to apply from time to time. But sadly, it seems like my face receives more counterproductive results once the clay is washed off – it’s left feeling dryer than the Sahara desert. So when I got the opportunity to try out these Spa Luxe gel masks, I was treated to what felt like a 5-star spa session with the results to match after 15 minutes! That’s what I call instant gratification.

I started with my eyes and applied the Red Wine Collagen Eye Mask right where those bags – which are far from Prada – appear on my sleep-deprived face. The whifs of legitimate red wine were very relaxing as I laid in bed while the gel eye mask went to my skin’s defense, fighting off the black bags & building up the elasticity with a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins. Once removed, I swear my eyes have never appeared so naturally relaxed without the deception of coverup.

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Next, I decided to channel my inner Iron Man with the 24K Gold Collagen Mask. After making sure my entire snapchat feed caught a glimpse of my current endeavor – [username: tilllbee] – I took a brief cat nap for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work its magic. As a dry skinned human, I was told that I would show signs of aging earlier than most skin types and using any anti-aging cream now would be in my favor. This mask goes deep into the cells to fill in lines and lift your skin, all while fighting any visible signs of aging as well as future wrinkles.

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Once your mask treatments are completed, you are asked to NOT wash your face afterward. Instead, you simply finish your stay-at-home spa session with the application of a toner &/or moisturizer. So much easier than scrubbing off that clay mask that leaves your skin appearing red and ultimately has you washing your hair in the sink. YIKES. Again, no time for that.

In the world of skincare lotions, I seek guidance from my Parisian lifesaver known as Yon-Ka Paris. If there’s any product that’s got my back, it’s this one and the clear complexion I’m left with after use proves my point. So many lotions clog pores and end up doing more damage upon application. I use Yon-Ka Paris morning, noon and night every single day and have yet to wake up to a series of volcanos on my face.


So before I even applied my gel masks, I made sure to remove any makeup or traces of dirt prior to use. By using the Eau Micellaire Micellar Cleansing Water I don’t have to wash off the traces of cosmetic use with anything from the tap at all! Made for all skin types and meant for use morning, noon and night, you can’t ask for anything more convenient in a makeup remover.

For all over body hydration, apply Huile Corps / Regenerating Nourishing Body Oil post-shower or on slightly damp skin so it can be absorbed easily into your skin cells & pores. After a few uses, you’ll begin to see a difference in the overall feeling of your skin as it becomes more hydrated and skillful in its ability to retain natural moisture. And for those moments where your face is appearing more fragile than ever in the morning or right before bed , Serum VitalRevitalizing Concentrate fights dryness and dehydration on the spot for an instant younger glow.



Now back to the application of lotion post-Spa Luxe mask use! These three lotions are my absolute favorites AND can be layered on top of one another without the consequences or heaviness! Although I stick with the Phyto-Contour for relief of under-the-eye puffiness and then apply either Creme 28 or Hydra No. 1 on top, the combination leaves my skin so happy regardless – especially after this self-treatment.