What I Packed In My Hospital Bag


For the exciting occasion, I gifted myself a new monogrammed weekender bag to pack all my belongings in. One thing I’ll mention before getting into the list of essentials to bring is that you don’t need to pack anything for your postpartum care – not even underwear. The hospital will provide you with everything you need (peri bottle, maxi pads, mesh undies, etc.) Save your special FridaMom items for when you’re at home & be sure to take anything extra the hospital has/ask the nurses for more if you’re running low on what’s in your room.

Fuzzy Grip Socks

I bought 2 sets of these socks (come in a 3-pack) and wore almost all of them every day, including during my C-Section surgery. You won’t need to bring slippers if you wear these 24/7.

Shower Shoes & Personal Toiletries

Waterproof, Birk-inspired, slip-on sandals will suffice. Don’t want to begin thinking about what that shower floor in the Hospital room has seen… I personally brought my own shampoo/conditioner/face wash/moisturizer and very happy I did. Nothing beats the comfort of your own products. Plus, it gave me a reason to get these new monogrammed toiletry bags for the occasion.

Large Towel & Own Pillow

The towels at the hospital are tiny, scratchy and overall terrible. Same for the pillow(s). Best to bring your own of both – I bought these oversized towels for me and Thomas to use and they’re still my favorites now that we’re home.

Nursing-Friendly, Loose-Fitting Loungewear

Once I could take my shower, I changed into one of these sets and wore it (& the other I brought) for the duration of our stay. Depending if you had a C-Section, you’ll want something soft and loose-fitting especially around the waistband area. Even if you decide not to nurse at all or offer straight from the tap, you’ll appreciate the extra fabric and comfort of a nursing-friendly top – especially when/if your milk comes in at full-force, whether you’re expecting it or not.

Maternity Clothing/Leggings To Wear Home

You will not fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing, like at all. So be sure to pack anything that recently fit you to wear going home. The belly swelling doesn’t start to go down until Day 3 or 4. I lived in these maternity leggings (inspired by the Lululemon Align material) my entire pregnancy and I’m still wearing them one month postpartum.

A Few Random, Yet Useful Things

Extra-Long Phone Charger Cord + Portable Charger
Noise-Cancelling Headphones/Earbuds
Personal Fan (if you’re in the throws of labor contractions)
Bag of Snacks (if you get munchy in the middle of the night / don’t want the cafeteria meals)
Extra Blanket (hospitals are generally quite cold)
Extra Tote Bag or Duffle (for the freebies in your baby’s hospital bassinet – diapers, pacifiers, formula, etc. – They encourage you to take everything, otherwise it just gets thrown out)


Depending on the time of year, make sure you have the proper layers for baby to exit the hospital. For instance, our girls were discharged on a very cold January morning and I made sure to pack extra blankets to drape over them and long-sleeve sleepers/hats. I had thicker, outdoor baby buntings on standby but ended up not needing them since you can’t put baby in the car seat with multiple layers on.

I packed everything for the girls in a separate, smaller tote bag. You really don’t need much for them, as they wear and use the items given to them at the hospital primarily (i.e. hats, little shirts, diapers, etc.) And as I mentioned above in the list of random useful things, bring one extra bag to throw anything leftover in the baby bassinet drawer (diapers, formula, maxi pads, gauze pads, pacifiers.) They throw everything out once you leave, so you’re actually giving the loot a longer useful purpose by taking it. I also took the blankets & little shirts/hats the girls wore as keepsakes.

Car Seat

You’ll need it for the car seat test: nurses strap infant in the seat for 1.5 hours to monitor breathing/heart rate. The Nuna PIPA Lite is the one we have and it truly is very light to carry! Fits most strollers with an adapter piece too.

Going Home Outfit

Caden Lane has adorable ones! So incredibly soft. Pro tip: If you want to dress them for an announcement photo, then you might want to do it there at the hospital while you have the extra hands to help stage it (thank you nurses!) Once we got home, chaos ensued and I was so happy I snapped the photo there instead of trying to do it on my own lol.

If you’re looking for cute announcement attire or overall in the mood to shop for your little, I’ve compiled a Master List of Baby Brands including all types of clothing & accessories + more for easy reference!

Swaddle Blanket

Not necessary but the hospital blankets are bulky / hard to swaddle in, you can also use it as a layer over the baby once in the car seat to go home. I used the ones we brought for that latter purpose, as well as for the announcement photo I snapped.


Personal Hospital Gown – unless you’re planning a Mommy & Me thing, but trust me you’re not going to want to get dressed/undressed anymore than necessary & once you do, it’ll be into loungewear (not another gown)

FridaMom/Postpartum Essentials – (i.e. Peribottle, Pads, Ice Packs, Mesh Underwear etc.) save these for when you’re back in your own home, the hospital has plenty of everything you’ll need + will give you whatever extra you need before being discharged

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