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Cheers to 32

Seeing that I spent 7 months of my 31st year preggo, my list of 32 things has been influenced strongly by my circumstances. However, I feel now more than ever that I TRULY understand myself better than I could have known. Pregnancy was not enjoyable for me, but being gifted with the opportunity to be able to carry our girls (let alone to 37 weeks) is something I’ll never ever take for granted…

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How To Wear Biker Shorts 2.0 (Postpartum Edition)

Understanding how much a go-to my workout leggings & now biker shorts have become for me in this postpartum era, implementing them into versions of sporty-casual attire has been my recent project. Of course, this means I’m reaching for something that fits more on the oversized above the waist more often than not…

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Twin Essentials For Newborns + Infants

As a pregnant twin mama, one of the biggest challenges I faced when making my baby registry was not knowing exactly what I needed & how much of it. Although I knew some people with twins who gave me suggestions on certain things, the endless gear & gadgets for babies out there now are ever-changing. It was difficult to determine if I’d be okay with just having 1 of X thing or if I should double up on XYZ…

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