Day In The Life With CamelBak

day in the life with CamelBak

One of the most important things to remember as the temperatures change is to stay hydrated. I always find myself waking up parched or hit with an extreme thirst at random times throughout the day because I don’t drink enough water subconsciously.

As a blogger on the go 90% of the time, it’s easy to get thirsty more often than not as well as not have the ability to quench your thirst as quickly as you’d wish, depending on your surroundings.

Of course I’ve considered toting my own personal beverage but sadly carrying a water bottle isn’t as easy for me as you’d think. I don’t buy generic plastic water bottles on the reg and whenever I carry one in my bag (plastic or travel-friendly), it somehow manages to uncap itself and spill ALL OVER the things that shouldn’t get water in or near them (i.e. laptop…)

day in the life with CamelBak

Thankfully, CamelBak came to my rescue with The Chute insulated travel mug (seen above in two sizes: 40 oz & 20 oz) that has changed the game and all the negative thoughts I previously had about toting a personalized beverage container.

For starters, this all-terrain mug has a drinking valve that opens at the press of a button, making it super easy to drink water and/or coffee (insulation perk!) one-handed. Once finished it seals shut to prevent leaks or spills and trust me, I gave it the test run in an older bag of mine to see how much would actually leak out. Guess what, NO SPILLS!

day in the life with CamelBak

If you’re a habitual sipper (such as myself) then you can simply press the lockout button to keep the cap open. When the time comes to clean your mug, the drinking valve pops open for easy cleaning.

Here’s the BEST NEWS: there aren’t any hidden nooks and crannies that collect gunk to worry about. I find many water bottles that are complicated to clean end up making my drinks taste weird, which is why I signed off to the idea of carrying my own until CamelBak.

day in the life with CamelBak

When I’m not in the city I love to adventure out and hike trails near my hometown. These Chute stainless and vacuum insulated mugs are designed to keep my water ice cold, without the annoyance of leaks, bottle sweat and a lukewarm drink. Nobody got time for that, especially me on my non-blogging days.

40 oz mug stays cold for 48hrs | 20 oz mug stays cold for 24hrs

A mug that stays the temperature you need it to perform at is a fantastic thing. Hydration plays a crucial role in your mood, focus, and athletic performance. I’m always on the go and need to be well-rested and hydrated to get the job done, 7 days a week. So having a travel mug that allows me to stay hydrated AND keeps my bag dry is such a blessing.

day in the life with CamelBak

* To Be Bright is partnered with CamelBak and Her Campus Media for this sponsored post. All opinions and imagery are my own.