Get Cyber With Target | $500 Giveaway


Just the idea of Target alone sends me into a state of shopping bliss. From the great styles with prices that are steal-worthy, it’s hard to not love everything there is about the mecca of super stores. Cyber Monday is my favorite holiday not recognized by the standard calendar and if you feel the same way about the BEST MONDAY EVER and TARGET, then this is the post for you right now.

Let’s talk gift guides: As the first one up this December, I’ve picked some luxury essentials every blogger should own. I say “luxury essentials” because clearly we cannot compare these items to the bare necessities in life but when you can enter to win a $500 gift card, why not indulge? Here are my top picks for the Target-loving blogger, blogger to be or straight up fashionista who enjoys taking pictures (clockwise from the top, ending with the center:)

1) DSLR Camera

I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T3, 100-300mm lens, which I received as a Christmas present last year. Pictures and content go hand in hand but in order to grab the attention of your readers, great pictures are a must. They lead into viewers spending more time visiting your blog and (possibly) reading what you have to say. Yes, it’s an investment but the MUST-HAVE tool to your blogging success.

2) Playful Socks

Laugh all you want but socks are cooler than cool, especially on Instagram. I have no idea why but I get amped over a pattern pair every time. The best part about them is the cheap price tag that’s almost always attached. Who’s gonna pay over $10 for a pair or package of two anyway?

3)  Smart Touch Gloves

It’s chilly out there and especially when taking pictures outdoors, your digits can feel the pins and needles of the cold upon instant exposure. Not cool, bro. Get a pair of smart touch gloves that come in great patterns, like this houndstooth design, that allow you to text and click away without losing any sorts of contact.

4) Designer Perfume

Did you know Target sells high-end fragrances online? Me neither…until today. Yes, I’m a fan of the inspired-scents you can get for a fraction of a price. However when I choose to spray my Chanel Mademoiselle on for the day, I feel like a complete girl boss. Funny enough, I’ve searched for this Viktor & Rolf scent for almost a year now – not even Macy’s carried it at the time I was on the hunt. Looks like Target’s done it again!

5) Not Another Black Shoulder Bag

This style of tote/shoulder bag is hot right now but I’m getting so bored by the black versions being carried around. I dare to go the road less travelled or better yet, less considered. Hunter green in a washed out texture stands out like a gem but is the perfect subtle addition to an outfit. Personally, I’d rather be noticed than conform to the trends in every which way.

6) Store Them Brushes

Anyone else disorganized in the makeup & brush department? Get situated with a simple clear divider. It matches everything (literally) and holds your beauty tools upright and ready for action. Proper care will also prolong their existence.

7) Shades of Grey Heeled Bootie

Whether it be stone or basically beige, grey ankle boots with a heel kick the traditional black version out of the way once again. Both fall and winter appropriate, this cute style mocks many of the designer brands out there in terms of appearing just as chic yet totally on budget. Now there’s a shoe that does all the talking for ya.

Did I convince you to put 7 new items on your shopping list!? GREAT!

Enter the giveaway below and see if you can get a $500 head start! Good Luck!

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