Life Lately: October Plans + Recent Amazon Finds

One Week ’til Bahamas Bound

Next week, I’m heading back to Great Exuma, this time with my boyfriend, my sister & her boyfriend, for 4 days of much-needed R&R. All of us have been swamped with work since September, so this trip couldn’t be arriving at a better time (funny how that always seems to be.) We’re staying at the same resort we did back in January & planning on engaging in several of the same activities with a few new ones we didn’t get around to the first time, which you can read all about in my first Bahamas Travel Diary: Great Exuma recap post.

Moving in 19 Days!

Once we get back from Bahamas, I’ll have exactly ONE WEEK left as a NYC resident. The feeling is still bittersweet (for superficial reasons like updating my address) but I’m more excited than ever to begin this next chapter with Thomas in Hoboken. Plus, it’s not like we’re going very far…just getting more space for the dollar. I have tons of home/interior content in the works when we begin decorating the new space, which I’m so excited to get started on. But in the meantime, I have to patiently wait for the inevitable stress that will come my way on the actual day of the move… Thankfully I took care of the few important things right away, after signing the lease back in August, to cushion the mental stress I can’t avoid.

MAJOR Closet Clean Out

In preparation for the move, I’ve slowly begun to purge the massive amounts of clothing in my closets. I’m so relieved that I’m the type of person who can get rid of things without having anxiety over the thought, otherwise this process would be even more torturous as it is time consuming. I’ll be posting certain items I’m selling at very cheap prices (unless contemporary/designer or stated otherwise) because I need to get rid of A LOT, so be sure to check out my IG Highlight “For Sale” to take a look at what’s available!

& here are a few things I recently found on Amazon

Every Day Babydoll Dress

Hands down the BEST clothing purchase I’ve made on Amazon. I love this dress so much that I bought it in three colors (black & red shown above, green will make its debut soon!) So perfect for fall & looks adorable with booties & OTK boots. I recommend sizing up one full size (I went with medium because of my torso.) Ps, I wore these biker shorts underneath for additional coverage, in case the wind decides to blow in all the wrong ways lol.

Dupe Golden Goose Sneakers

Wore them all day in the city & happy to report they’re very comfortable. Recommend sizing up one full size (I’m normally US 8 and went with US 9) ~ btw, these are selling out fast so if your size is sold out, be sure to check out these similar retailers here & here.

Dupe LV Cosmetic Travel Case

Not a recent find, but felt the need to share because it’s still one of my favorite Amazon purchases. It holds so many of my full-size products & the zipper is no joke – very durable. Comes in three colors & I already ordered the matching makeup bag, along with this additional 2-piece set for the Bahamas because..why not!?

Dupe Cartier Love Bracelet

Also not a recent find, but I’ve been wearing mine since June & absolutely love it. No metal color change & has completely held up throughout all my activities, including sweat from working out & salt water from the ocean. Even comes with a screw, just like the original! I also got the matching ring, which has been worn since June as well & still hasn’t turned my finger green – success!

Gucci-Inspired Wrapping Ribbon

I can’t take credit for this find; my best friend Logan found it first and wrapped our bridesmaid gifts with it. It’s incredible how similar it is to the Gucci logo & bee emblem ~ will definitely be putting this ribbon to use in the upcoming months & holidays.

Portable Steamer

Most useful purchase I’ve made to-date. Been using it almost every day and saving a fortune in dry cleaning costs!

‘Alexa’ Echo Dot Stand

Only $14 & has been great for positioning my Echo Dot so I can hear my music/podcasts better in my living room.

Mini Outdoor Backpack

Got this for hiking & other outdoor activities that will keep me happily hands-free. This size is actually meant for kids, but it’s cheaper than the larger size & does the job – I’ve managed to fit both a reg. size swell water bottle & a pair of sneakers inside it without force. Tons of colors to choose from too!

8pk Print Satin Hair Ribbons

Love how these have added so much personality with my every day outfits, even my gym clothes (lol yes I wore one for fun.) I also bought this 10pc pack of solid colors for days I’m not feeling the prints.